Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Morning Routine

I, like most people, have a morning routine. And like most females, that routine includes a beauty aspect. Over the years, I have tried so many different things, and I've changed up the products I use so many times. However, I think I've finally got it down. I have finally found products that work for me and make me look and feel beautiful. :)

I use St. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub every morning, and it has been amazing. My blemishes have dramatically cleared up, and my skin feels softer than ever. The key ingredients in this cleanser are apricots, corn kernel meal, and walnuts. The website tells you all about the benefits of these ingredients and how they work together to clear up your skin.

I love love love this face lotion! I always look for a face moisturizer that has sunscreen in it because I'm pale and burn easily, and Clean & Clear's Morning Glow Moisturizer has SPF 15 in it. Also, it says on the bottle that it will brighten your skin, and it actually does! It also evens out my skin tone better than any other face moisturizer that I've ever used, which thrills me to death. It also adds a little shimmer to your face, which I love as well. This moisturizer doesn't have oil in it, so it won't clog pores, which is definitely a plus. It also has a light citrus fragrance, which I believe is perfect for summer.

Now, since I work for Bath & Body Works, it may seem like I'm biased about these last two items....but I'm not. I use these on a daily basis, and I love them. Orange Sapphire is an amazing fragrance, inspired by, as the company puts it, "the fiery passion and sunswept beaches of Brazil." It's a sexy summer fragrance, light, but definitely grown up. Bath & Body Works has reformulated their lotions, so they now have shea butter and jojoba oil in them, and that has made such a difference. They're no longer super-oily, which is why I never liked to use them. Also, the company claims that after using the new formula, you can tell a difference in your skin in just seven days. So, I took the challenge, and all of my doubts vanished. I can now tell all of my customers with confidence that their skin will look and feel so much better after just a week of use. My elbows have always been really dry, and now, they are super smooth. It's been amazing.

So, there are the things that I use on a daily basis and absolutely love. These are my essentials, and I don't know what I would do without them. I encourage you to try any of these products so you can see how amazing they are for yourself.

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