Saturday, June 16, 2012

Foodie Friday....Er....Saturday ;p

I'm sorry this is a day late. I wanted to post about my dinner last night, which we ended up having late due to me going to turn in job applications (and getting 2 mini interviews in the process!) and having to take our 3 dogs to run off their energy. And by the time we finished eating, I was exhausted! So I'm posting it today. :)

Last night's dinner idea (Crescent Burgers!!!) came from Budget Savvy Diva. I wanted to do something relatively easy, and something that used up some stuff I already had (like the crescent rolls). When I found this recipe (thank you, Pinterest!), I knew I had to try it. She says they taste like White Castle Burgers, but we don't have White Castle in Georgia*, so I can't confirm or deny that statement. However, I can tell you that these were really really good, and I will be making them again. :)

I'm usually not an onion person (unless you fry them.....that's the Southern girl in me), but in these burgers, they work. And on my burgers I usually have lettuce, tomato, and ketchup, but not on these, and it didn't matter. The Worcestershire sauce added amazing flavor. And my parents liked them, too. Although, I will admit, they always seem to like what I cook. The real test will come when I make these for my boyfriend.

Now, these are small (remember, you're using crescent rolls), so make sure you make enough for everyone to have more than one. I ended up having 3, and that was plenty for me. 

Crescent Burgers, french fries, and Diet Dr. Thunder. :) A nice, easy dinner.

*We do have Krystal, which I think is pretty much the same thing. But I always get the plain pups when we eat there, so I still can't tell you whether or not they really taste like that. :p

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