Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some Changes Have Been Made

Okay, so remember that exercise thing that I posted in my last entry that I said I was going to follow? Yeah....that lasted about 3 days. I just hate "normal" exercising for more than a few minutes, and that was just too boring for me. And if it's boring, I'm not going to stick to it. So I scrapped it.

However, I did find something else that I think I can stick to.

I found it on Pinterest (which is where I find a lot of things these days), but it originally came from this tumblr. They also had one for February that I started, but I didn't finish it. So this time, I'm determined to do the whole month. It's only been a week, and already I'm noticing that sit-ups are getting a bit easier for me, I'm able to go down a little further on my pushups, and holding a plank isn't as hard as it was. In other words, I'm already noticing my core (and my arms!) getting a bit stronger, and that makes me feel good. :)

Also, since I hate exercising, but I know I have to in some form, I'm making an effort to be more active. I have an 8 month old half beagle/half Jack Russell puppy.....and he is HYPER! Between chewing on things he's not supposed to, tackling me when I even look at the other 2 dogs (Black Lab mixes) who live in the house, and wanting to play Keep-Away (his favorite game--which consists of him usually getting something he's not supposed to and making me chase him), I stay moving for the most part. And that's good. It's not as hard for me to run after him as it used to be....and that's a very good thing. :p

So that's my plan so far. As far as diet goes.....I don't believe in diets. But I am making better choices (for the most part) in regards to food. In fact, I made these wonderful no-bake cookies that my grandmother used to make (and you can find a recipe here), and they're a weakness. But I'm trying to be strong and not eat them all in one sitting (which I'm proud to say is going pretty well). But seriously, if you've never had these cookies, go make a batch. So good.

Well that's all for tonight. I'm gonna go watch Big Bang Theory and Men at Work, and try not to go eat another cookie. :p

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