Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 23

So, I had a good day, but once again I found myself getting irritated for really no reason at all. I wish I knew why it's happening. I don't feel all that stressed, but maybe I am. I know I have a lot going on right now, and maybe that's getting to me more than I realize. I don't know. I just hope I can stop this feeling soon.

Although, after my workout, I don't feel agitated at all--mostly tired. :p And speaking of working out, my workout tonight was a lot easier than last night's was. Tonight was more about working out the upper body, while last night was pretty much nothing but lower body exercises. I still did some lunges tonight, but it was nice to get a break from constantly working out my legs.

Like I said, today was good. I had internship, and it went really well. I'm still amazed that I only have 3 days left there this semester. Then I have about a month off, and then it's my last semester as an undergrad. It's crazy to think that the moment that I've been working towards for the last 5 years is almost here.

I am very excited about the next couple of weeks. My "baking season" is about to start, and I couldn't be more excited. I have my last meeting at my "real" job on Sunday, and we get to bring a snack to share. So, I'm going a little above and beyond and actually making something. I'm not saying what because I want it to be a surprise, but I have a feeling that this could become a holiday tradition for me to bake....especially if the boyfriend has anything to say about it. ;p Then, I'm going to do some baking for the people at my internship as a little thank you. I'm still trying to figure exactly what I'm going to bake for them, but I'll come up with something. :)

My "big" cooking event so far is going to be the boyfriend's birthday dinner. We're inviting a few friends over to his house, and I'm cooking dinner and baking the cake. Well, he's helping with the dinner. The cake is going to be all me. We already know what we're cooking, and I already know what kind of cake I'm making...but I'm not telling. I want our guests to be pleasantly surprised. :)

I'm also baking for Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's family. I'm definitely doing these pumpkin pie cupcakes that I've found, and I'm really excited about them. :) I might also make the dressing, which will be my grandmother's recipe. Her dressing is pretty much the only dressing I will eat, and I'm so excited that I got the recipe for it. I made it for Thanksgiving last year, and I got the highest compliment ever when I was told that it tasted just like my grandmother had made it. I definitely miss my grandmother around the holidays, but knowing that I can make one of the recipes that was such a staple at our family get-togethers makes me extremely happy. :)

I'm sure I'm making some people hungry with all the talk of food. ;p Don't worry, as I complete each one of my little "projects," I will post pictures. I absolutely love cooking and baking, and I love the holidays, and that they give me the opportunity to do more baking and cooking than usual. And I'm also excited to know that I can enjoy all of these treats that I'm making without feeling guilty. I'm sure that pretty much nothing will be healthy, but I've been learning that I'm only human. I'm going to mess up, I'm going to have days where I don't feel like doing what I should. I'm also learning that I need to live life instead of constantly plan and write down every little thing. I've been missing out on too much, and I hate that. I want to enjoy this life, and if that means that I eat extremely yummy, not the least bit healthy, things, well, then so be it! :p

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