Monday, November 15, 2010

Days 28 & 29

So, yesterday was good. I did a little shopping with the boyfriend (Walmart and Michael's....I pretty much live at those two stores here lately). I also had a meeting at work (my last one ever...). The meeting was actually pretty fun. We got to wear our pjs, and everyone also brought in food. It was a long meeting, but it was good. There was a lot of information to soak in, which made me so glad that I was there for holiday last year. But anyway, it was a pretty good--especially since I was one of the winners for best pjs. :)

Today ha been pretty good too. I got a new product listed, so go check it out. :) And if you haven't become a fan of mine on FB, go do so! I have a great deal going on right now for my FB fans. You'll definitely want to check it out.

There was also some huge news for me today. I passed my GACE!! So, once I graduate, I will be certified to teach language arts in grades 4-8 in the state of Georgia. In January, I'll take the social studies GACE. I'm really nervous about that one because I've heard that it's extremely hard. Hopefully I'll pass that one, too.

Well, I better go to bed. Tomorrow is internship day (my last full day until January). And it's also the last day of my challenge. Hopefully it ends on a high note. :)

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