Saturday, November 6, 2010

Days 19 & 20

Okay, I have got to get back into writing these entries every night.

Anyway, yesterday was good. I had a history test that I feel pretty good about. So, the morning was spent studying, and the afternoon was spent relaxing. I spent some time shopping with my parents, and then I spent the evening with the boyfriend. :) I came home and exercised, and that about kicked my butt. The routines are definitely getting harder, but it's been so worth it.

Today, I worked on some stuff for the business (there's a facebook page now!), plus worked an exhausting 4-hour shift at my "real" job. By the time I left there, my feet and back were killing me. But, the boyfriend was at my house when I got home, so that was a plus. :) We ended up going shopping, and I bought a few shirts. The good news? They're a size smaller than what I've been wearing! :) I tried them on, and they're still a little tight, but if I keep up the exercising like I have been, then they'll fit me better in no time. :)

Well, that's essentially all there's been to the last 2 days. Oh! One more thing. I got a new product listed in the store tonight. Okay, now that's all for the last 2 days. Tomorrow, I'm going to work on some new ideas I have for products as well as some other business stuff. Hopefully I'll actually get some stuff listed tomorrow.

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