Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 3

Today was a little more difficult than the past 2 days. This morning was great. I, once again, got to indulge my creative urges and start on a project I've been talking about doing for a couple of weeks now. I'm very excited to finish it. :)

School was okay today. I enjoyed my first class, and my break between classes. I finally figured out how to make banners using Picnik, so my Etsy shop got one, as did the blog. :) I also ran into my cousin's husband and a girl I've known since middle school, so I got to talk to them for a bit, which was good.

Other than my strawberry-banana smoothie, my last class didn't go great. First of all, it's a class that I don't really care for to begin with. Second, we got our papers back, and pretty much all of us have to rewrite it--including me. So, I planned on working on it tonight and get it over with, but I have to run my thesis by my professor, and she doesn't have office hours until Friday. I am not happy about that.

No exercising today--it was my rest day. I must admit though, I don't like not exercising. I feel lazy when I don't. I've spent pretty much all evening on the computer, and I need to change that. I think from now on, even when it is my rest day (which is every 2 days), I'm still going to do some kind of exercising. I don't like just sitting around doing nothing. I need to be up and either exercising or creating or doing something.

So, that's been my day. Internship tomorrow--which means 2 hours of math. Joy.

And yes, that was sarcasm.

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