Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 14

Happy Halloween!

Today was a good day--the best of the weekend. And it had nothing to do with it being Halloween. I like Halloween, but it's definitely not my favorite holiday (that honor goes to Christmas). However, I do like decorating for Halloween, but that could be because I pretty much like decorating for anything. I love the entire process, from planning what's going to be done, to actually executing it. Even when problems arise, I love trying to figure out how to solve them. And I love seeing the end result.

I'm definitely a planner--always have been. I make lists, I am more organized than I probably should be, and I constantly worry over details. For instance, the boyfriend's birthday is coming up in a few weeks. We were originally going to throw a party (my idea, of course), which means I started the whole planning process back during the summer. However, he has since decided that he wants to invite a few friends over for dinner. Which means I'll be cooking. And I have no idea what to cook. I know what kind of cake he's getting (my own creation--Rocky Road cake). That detail was established a couple of months ago. And I'm getting ideas on what kind of decorations to do. But I still don't know what meal the guests will actually be eating. And the boyfriend has been no help with this matter either. He's very indecisive. :p

I've been working on new earring holders today. I've gotten a couple finished, but not in time to take pictures of them to post. I will be getting those tomorrow. I've got one more that I'm almost done with, and one more that I need to start working on. And I've gotten some more ideas on how to make my products better, which I'm excited to try out.

Now I'm sitting here talking to my dad, and he's telling me about how it's getting easier for him to move around and such. And it's amazing to see this change. Just a few months ago, he could barely walk around the house without pain, and he certainly couldn't walk around a store. He would almost always have to get one of the motorized carts (he refers to them as go-karts) to use. But ever since his back surgery a couple of months ago, he's been getting better. And today, he didn't have to use one of the carts when he and my mom went to Walmart. I love that it's getting easier for him to move. I hated seeing him in the pain he was in. It makes me happy that he's getting better.

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